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In this series, leading lawyers from Belfast-based commercial law firm, Cleaver Fulton Rankin, discuss a range of common legal topics that affect individuals and businesses in day-to-day life.

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Friday Feb 17, 2023

Employment Solicitor, Jenny Rankin, and Trainee Solicitor, Anna Friel, discuss how employers in the manufacturing industry can ensure their businesses comply with health & safety legislation in Northern Ireland, ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees in the workplace, and mitigate the risk of personal injury claims.

Friday Dec 09, 2022

Fertility issues can have a huge impact on individuals in the workplace. In our latest Employment Law Podcast, Director, Suzanne Keenan, and Solicitor, Philippa Herron, discuss the measures Employers & HR professionals can take to support Employees undergoing fertility treatment.

Tuesday Nov 01, 2022

In our latest Employment Law Podcast, Director, Suzanne Keenan and Solicitor, Jenny Rankin discuss sexual harassment in the workplace, including how to identify it and what steps Employers can take to prevent and effectively address sexual harassment incidents.

Wednesday Oct 26, 2022

In our first Manufacturing Law Podcast, Associate Director, Brid McColgan, explains the importance of having a comprehensive succession plan in place, and how succesion planning can benefit family-run businesses in the manufacturing sector. 

Thursday Oct 06, 2022

Social media has many benefits for businesses but it does also come with a few risks. Cleaver Fulton Rankin's Head of Employment & Immigration, Michael Black, and Employment & Immigration Director, Suzanne Keenan, explain how employers can mitigate the potential risks of social media misuse by employees, covering both potential preventative measures and remedies. Michael and Suzanne also discuss recent cases that have made the headlines in NI and what employers can learn from them. 

Wednesday Jul 20, 2022

Associate, Nathan Campbell, and Solicitor, Christopher Bew, from our Employment & Immigration Team try out the Life in the UK Test, an exam set for applicants for UK citizenship which is intended to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of UK culture, history, values and law.
Christopher tries his hand at a few typical questions and Nathan discusses what the future may hold for the controversial test going forward. Think you could pass the test? Listen to find out...

Wednesday Jun 15, 2022

In the first episode of Cleaver Fulton Rankin's new podcast series, Employment lawyers Suzanne Keenan and Jenny Rankin discuss the issue of menopause in the workplace. With the House of Commons and UK Civil Service among the latest of over 1000 organisations to sign the Menopause Workplace Pledge, menopause policies are rapidly rising up the business agenda. We discuss how menopause can affect individuals in the workplace and outline the benefits of adopting a Menopause Policy in your business.


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